Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Its a LUSH life

Ok so I'm totally addicted to LUSH cosmetics. Not only are their products beautiful, they also go above and beyond as a company. Their products are handmade and only use ethically sourced natural ingredients,  safe synthetics and finest essential oils going. They also work hard on active environmental and ethical campaigns and work with and support many charities. Last but certainly not least LUSH's Customer Services go above and beyond expectations and go that extra mile for their customers.
Sounds good hey??? And that's before i start rambling on on how beautiful their products really are. Honestly, my skin and hair have never looked, felt and smelt so good. And my bathing routine has been transformed into a rather magical and exciting experience. Even before i run the bath/ shower, I'm found scrambling through my stash, picking out products sniffing them like some kind of crazed animal, and changing my mind several times before choosing what lovelies I'm going to use!

Ok so exciting rant over...for now! Over the next weeks, months, prob years :) I'm going to be reviewing my favourite LUSH products for you lovely followers. I'll be including new products I've tried too, and will be here to answer any questions you may have.
I hope you enjoy following my blog, I'll be randomly throwing in my thoughts on life and maybe other interests and products i enjoy.



Monday, 30 August 2010

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