Monday, 20 December 2010

Gingerbread House Bubble Bar

(Owed for Friday the 17th December)

On the eleventh week of Christmas LUSH limited gave to me......
11 Gingerbread Houses,
10 Sacred Truths,
9 Snowcake soaps,
8 Buffy body butters,
7 Sonic Death Monkeys,
6 Bearded Ladies,
4 Ghost shower gels,
3 Hottie bars,
2 Halloween specials,
and a Snow Fairy lip and cheek tint!

Gingerbread House

(Dedicated to Rachael Juma) 
Price: £2.45/100g.
Product category: Bubble bar.
Contains: Sodium Bicarbonate, Cream of Tartar and Sodium Laureth Sulfate to give you masses of thick, rich, frothy, Hollywood style bubbles; Ginger Oil for its warming effects, circulation stimulating action, and its astringent and antiseptic properties. Ginger is also for soothing aching joints and relaxing tense muscles; Lemon Oil for its antiseptic and cleansing properties, and its uplifting fragrance; Buchu Oil has a sweet fruity blackcurrant scent and is used for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties by aroma-therapists; Ginger Powder promotes relaxation, helps our bodies eliminate toxins, stimulates circulation and warms the skin; Cinnamon Stick for decoration (the cute little chimney).
Other Interesting facts:
·         In Chinese medical literature, ginger was mentioned around 400 B.C. Wowza!

How to use: Start running your bath, crumble bar (or ½ a bar) into the bath while water is running (crumble under the running water). Give the water a really good swish, enjoy the mountains of bubbles.
I must admit when LUSH released their Christmas line this year, I was super excited about the Gingerbread House. For its appearance to its scent description, they had me hook line and sinker. I did my usually trip to my local LUSH store to give all the new items a good sniff and inspection and I have to say, I was a little underwhelmed by the scent of this product . As cute as it was I decided not to purchase it during my trip and off I went home with my bag full of other Christmas lovelies.
That was until a couple of weeks ago, when one of my friends presented me with a bag full of LUSH for my Christmas present. In there was a little Gingerbread House, and out of the LUSH store the scent definitely grabbed my attention more and of course it’s cute design had me at the word go. I happily gave this product a go the day after receiving it and I was so glad that I didn’t miss the opportunity of using this product before it goes, as I absolutely adore it. I’ll definitely be buying more in the New Year before it disappears!
OK so onto the review and let’s start with the design/appearance. Its design is an adorable, chubby gingerbread house, decorated with white mock icing (for the roof), hundreds and thousands sprinkles and a little chimney made of a cinnamon stick. Enough to make even the scrooges stop and go awww! As for the size, I feel that while it can easily do two baths, any more and you wouldn’t get the full effects of the scent and bubbles.
Gingerbread House’s scent out of the bath is much a more subtle warm gingerbread cookie scent, but it really comes alive when it hits the water. The orange house part of the bar crumbles easily, however the white roof is much firmer and I struggled to crumble it (with my feeble lack of strength). In saying that I easily managed to break it into small enough chunks to melt away merrily in the tub. Half a bar created lots of lovely soft bubbles even with my dismal water pressure, and the water turned a lovely warming, burnt orange colour.
Like I said the scent really comes alive in the water. Gingerbread House brings a sweet (not sickly), subtly spicy and fruity scent to your bath. It’s quite a difficult scent to describe as it seems to have layers which hit you during your bath but those are the key notes that hit me. It’s a very warming, comforting scent that definitely reminds me of freshly baked gingerbread cookies with fruity notes coming through from the buchu oil. The ginger comes through in a sweet cookie sense, not a fresh ginger root way if that makes sense. It’s not an overpoweringly strong scent, or a scent that’s super subtle. LUSH seem to have got the perfect balance of sweet, spicy, warming and comforting with Gingerbread House.
Gingerbread house leaves your skin lovely and soft once you’ve dried off. Admittedly it’s not as softening and moisturising as some of LUSH’s other bubble bars, but my skin definitely felt pleasantly soft after my bath. The scent on the skin is subtly sweet and comforting, and I felt so snugly and warm after my bath. Gingerbread House is a winner for those cold winter nights; its gorgeous scent will warm you right up, and wrap its arms around you in a comforting, relaxing cuddle.  Try taking a yummy cup of hot chocolate with you to enjoy in your Gingerbread House bath. Trust me it’s a winner!
You might also like: Hottie massage bar (sensual warming blend of ginger, vanilla and black pepper); Bob Soap (chocolate orange with spicy cinnamon and clove); Cinders (spicy cinnamon, fresh orange and softening almond, crackling ballistic); Butterball (super softening ballistic packed full of cocoa butter and ylang); Brandy Butter (softening cocoa butter, warming cinnamon and brandy and fresh tangerine); Egg Snog lip balm.

On the twelfth week of Christmas LUSH limited gave to me.......
tune in on Christmas Eve for the final instalment of my Christmas countdown.


  1. my fave lush bubble bar atm im soooo loving the gingerbread house its so cute plus i cant get enough of the smell im defo gonna get stock up on the gingerbread house xx

  2. I loooove Gingerbread house! I love the smell of it! Sad I don't have a tub

  3. Great review! I adore the look of this but in terms of scent I like it; I don't love it. However, due to the fact that it's not too overpowering as the spiciness isn't too strong, I find it's great for cocktailing; have tries i with So White, Brandy Butter ,Joy of Jelly (in the bath) mmm & Honey Bee & it is very versatile to blend with other scents :-}

  4. love it cannot wait to use it but not allowed to open my all i want for xmas until xmas day

  5. I like using the white roof part with a Winter Bath ballistic, stops the water turning orange and the milkyness of the Winter Bath isn't spoilt.
    Must admit this isnt one of my favorites, I like it, but will always chose the Bearded Lady over the Gingerbread house. Does go lovely with Cinders and Glogg though, yummy.


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