Thursday, 30 September 2010

Exciting News :)

For all you excitable little elves like me, you will have already realised that tomorrow marks the 12 week countdown to Christmas Eve (woohoo). So in celebration of this I will be reviewing one LUSH product each week in the style of infamous song ‘The 12 days of Christmas’ (see what I’ve done there? Replace the days with weeks). Singing along is absolutely essential, so get practicing!!!
For the baah humbugs among us, don’t worry the reviews won’t ALL be Christmas items, I will also be reviewing Day of the Dead (Halloween specials) and some of my favourite regular/retro LUSH products too.
So it will go a little like this....
‘On the first week of Christmas my true LUSH gave to me.....’
Well that would be telling (hehe) make sure you tune in tomorrow for the first review!!!! :)

Sunday, 26 September 2010

LUSH review- Products for coloured/dry/heatdamged hair- Part 1

Requested by Elodie Schneider
I’m guilty of loving ALL of LUSH’s hair products and have tried the majority of them (all but 3 incl. retro). This review however concentrates on products that are great for keeping coloured, heat damaged and dry/frizzy hair in great condition. Unfortunately I have to admit I chemically dye my hair (I had a bed experience with henna, but will try again soon) and also use my GHD’s often, so my hair needs all the help it can get.
All of the products I am about to review apart from Reincarnate (designed for dark hair) are suitable for any coloured hair, and are great if like me your hair is in need of some TLC.
For Blondes you might also want to try;
The Blonde (solid shampoo); Marilyn (hair treatment); Ibiza Party (liquid shampoo retro) and Antiphilitron (liquid shampoo retro); to keep you blonde locks bright and light.

Product category: Hair care, liquid shampoo
Price: £4.50/110g, £8.95/250g or £14.50/500g
Contains: Freshly juiced papaya and fresh pineapple, kiwi and mango juices break down dirt, cleanse, add shine and combat grease; Fine sea salt adds volume and shine to the hair while softening the scalp; Organic cold pressed jojoba oil protects moisture loss and improves the condition of dry/damaged hair; Organic extra virgin olive oil strengthens hair and gently treats the scalp; Almond oil softens the hair follicles and entire hair shaft while adding shine; Lavender oil (relaxing and soothing);Peppermint oil (cooling and invigorating); Rosemary oil soothes irritated scalps; and finally Juniper berry oil cleanses the scalp, balances oils and improves condition of hair.
Verdict: LUSH has definitely got it spot on with this one. It has a fruity/menthol scent that is guaranteed to invigorate you and sweep any cobwebs away. The beautiful and well thought out oils, and fresh ingredients really cleanse, strengthen, soften and detox the hair. It’s also great at soothing and treating the scalp. Rehab leaves you with healthier, more manageable, beautifully soft and shiny hair.  It’s a must for hair that needs some serious TLC. I use mine twice a week with Retread or Coolaulin for a really moisture rich treat for my hair.

Product category: Hair care, liquid shampoo
Price: £4.30/100g, £8.60/250g or £13.85/500g
Contains: Fresh organic lemon and toothed wrack seaweed infusion gives the hair body, lustre and shine while conditioning and softening the scalp; Fresh sea water also adds shine and volume to the hair; Organic lime juice cleanses hair and gives a glossy shine; Extra virgin coconut oil is nourishing and conditioning; Bergamot oil adds shine and gloss and finally Violet leaf and Rose absolute and Cananga oil beautifully perfume the hair.
Verdict: Every time I reach for my DaddyO, I can’t help but start singing ‘daddy, daddy cool, I’m crazy like a fool, what about it daddy cool’ (lol yep I’m bonkers). Anyway LUSH recommends DaddyO for those with blonde or grey hair, but I’d like to add brunettes to that recommendation. It leaves my hair with the most beautiful reflective, glossy shine. I also find it adds a subtle volume and bounce to my hair leaving it looking and feeling super healthy. As for the scent, it’s stunning in your face violets (think of those palmer violet sweeties) that lasts in the hair all day and some. On top of that it’s the most beautiful bright and pearly purple colour and a little goes a long way. I use mine with American Cream conditioner and they go so well together. Definitely my favourite regular use liquid shampoo.
Other interesting facts: Rose absolute and Bergamot oil also have antidepressant properties and are thought to clear the mind and balance emotions. Violet Leaf has relaxing, soothing and inspiring properties and is said to restore the bonds of friendship.

Curly Wurly

Product category: Hair care, semi solid shampoo
Price: £8.60/220g
Contains: Desiccated coconut softens and scents the hair; Fresh organic lemon juice tones the scalp and adds shine to the hair; Linseed infusion is rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals which keep the hair healthy; Fresh Papaya cleanses and adds shine; Fresh Free Range Eggs form a protective and conditioning film on the hair, add shine and strengthen hair (protein content) and can promote new hair growth (vitamin d content); Cocoa butter, Extra virgin coconut oil and Shea butter soften, moisturise and condition; Organic Jojoba Oil cleanses the hair and scalp, protects the hair and improves the condition; Avocado Butter is richly nourishing and softening, adds shine, strengthens and improves hair’s condition; Vanilla absolute and Vetivert oil to beautifully scent the hair and finally Organic extra virgin olive oil strengthens the hair and moisturises the scalp.
Verdict: For those of you who are going to miss Trichomania as much as me, Curly Wurly is a coconutty replacement right up your street. This semi solid shampoo takes a bit of getting used to (the chunks of coconut are a bit of a bugger to rinse out), but the results are so worth it. It has a lovely coconut/vanilla scent that lasts in the hair. This product’s many wonderful ingredients really inject some moisture back into your dry/parched hair from root to tip, while eliminating frizz. It’s also very hydrating for the scalp. I personally only need a tiny amount of conditioner on the ends when I’ve used this, and tend to use Coolaulin for extra coconutty, moisture injecting loveliness. Though American Cream goes equally as well. So if you want seriously soft, hydrated beautifully scented hair, this one is definitely for you.  
Other interesting Facts: Vetivert is known to be restorative, soothing and relaxing.

Trichomania (soon to be discontinued)
(see separate review for details)

New Shampoo Bar
Product category: Hair care, solid shampoo.
Price: £4.65/55g
Contains: Nettle and peppermint infusion stimulates the scalp, encourages healthy hair growth, and helps prevent hair loss; Nettle absolute improves condition of the scalp and hair; Rosemary absolute clears, protests and soothes the scalp and gives shine to the hair; Bay oil conditions the scalp and promotes hair growth; Clove bud oil and Cinnamon leaf oil stimulate hair follicles for healthy hair growth.
Verdict: I’m very excited about this solid shampoo, and have only recently been introduced to it (I received ½ a bar as a sample). I’ve definitely found my favourite solid shampoo (was Trichomania which is being disconned) to keep my coloured hair in excellent condition and can’t stop raving about it. New has a lovely spicy cinnamon/subtle herby scent that’s really stimulating. It doesn’t disappoint as a solid shampoo, it lathers beautifully and lasts so long. I lose a fair bit of hair when washing/brushing, and used to have lovely thick hair (I think it might be a side effect of my meds). Though since using this (over 2 months), my hair definitely feels thicker, stronger and healthier. You get a subtle tingling feeling when you us this product as the beautiful ingredients stimulate your scalp to promote healthy hair growth. The results beautifully scented, soft, shiny and bouncy hair, that feels and looks stronger and healthier. I use mine with American Cream conditioner.
Other interesting facts: Peppermint helps to relieve headaches and boosts circulation. Nettle is also used to relieve joint pain.

Product category: Hair care, solid shampoo
Price: £3.75/100g
Contains: Red henna which conditions the hair, adds body and shine and revitalizes colour; Rosemary clears the scalp and adds shine to the hair; Fleece flower root infusion contains lecithin which revitalizes and conditions tired lifeless hair; Nettle leaf infusion stimulates the scalp and adds shine to the hair; Rhassoul mud softens, cleanses and de greases hair; Sweet orange oil for fragrance and Irish moss powder which deeply conditions the hair.
Verdict: I’ve got to admit this is not a favourite of mine. The only reason I’m reviewing it is that it’s good for refreshing brunette hair between colours. Reincarnate has a very earthy/spicy (in a fruitcake way) scent, which is personally not for me. As a shampoo I find it a bit drying and difficult to later due to its grainy texture. However used with plenty of conditioner (I use American Cream), it does refresh my colour a little giving it some warm tones, between colouring. Some people really get on well with this product, so maybe ask for a sample to try for yourself (everyone’s hair is different).

Shampoo’s to avoid (known to strip DARKER or BRIGHT hair colours)
Big (semi solid); Seanik (solid); I Love Juicy (liquid); Ibiza Party (retro liquid) and Antiphilitron (retro liquid).
I do use Big, Seanik and Ibiza party now and then because of their beautiful scents and effects, though I thought it was important to highlight that they do strip colour. This list is probably not exhaustive as it’s been a while since I have tried some of the other solid/liquid shampoos.

LUSH review- Products for coloured/dry/heatdamged hair- Part 2

Product category: Hair care, conditioner
Price: £8.60/245g
Contains: Soya milk soothes and conditions the hair and restores moisture; Fresh cantaloupe melon deeply cleanses and conditions the hair; Organic extra virgin olive oil strengthens hair and gently treats the scalp; Organic yoghurt coats and conditions the hair and adds shine, Avocado oil adds weight to, deeply nourishes and softens the hair while restoring shine; Organic jojoba oil conditions adds shine and improves manageability; Synthetic musk, Violet leaf absolute, Orange blossom absolute and Neroli oil beautifully perfume the hair.
Verdict: Retread is a triple strength conditioner and I believe it’s LUSH’s strongest conditioner (don’t quote me on that). The cantaloupe melon is the leading lady in the scent along with soothing/creamy scents from the soya milk and yoghurt and subtle notes from the musk, violets, neroli and orange blossom. This conditioner seriously injects some moisture back into your abused/parched hair from root to tip, makes it more manageable and adds serious amounts of shine.  I tend to use this with Retread shampoo once a week or if my hairs in need of some extra TLC. I apply this product and leave in for a few minutes while I wash, scrub etc in the shower then rinse. Or even better I apply after shampooing and leave in while I have a lovely long soak in the bath then rinse. The steam really helps activate and penetrate the ingredients. Retread is a must for dry, damaged, coloured, frizzy and thick curly hair. It restores moisture, seriously conditions and makes your unruly hair behave and look/feel healthier.

American Cream
Product category: Hair care, conditioner
Price: £3.80/100g, £7.60/250g or £12.25/500g
Contains: Honey water helps lock in moisture and softens the hair; Vanilla pod infusion is a humectant (helps preserve moisture); Fresh organic oranges are packed full of vitamins and nutrients that condition and detangle the hair and add shine; Fresh strawberries strengthen and add shine to the hair while calming the scalp; Vanilla absolute for fragrance; Clary sage and Lavender oil for soothing for the scalp.
Verdict: This is a double strength conditioner and is my favourite regular use conditioner. It’s not too heavy not too light, just right. As for the scent it’s beautifully sexy and sweet. It’s a stunningly beautiful creamy vanilla/clary sage/subtle berry scent, and it last in the hair all day, there’s nothing quite like it. As a conditioner it doesn’t disappoint it leaves your hair tangle free, smooth and silky soft, and beautifully fragranced/moisture rich. It conditions without weighing the hair down, so you still have a healthy bounce to the hair. Depending on the level of condition you require you can either apply just to the ends, the mid lengths to ends (like me) or on the root to tips. It goes with most of LUSH’s shampoos well too, and a little goes a long way which makes it excellent value for money.

Coolaulin (soon to be discontinued)
Product category: Hair care, conditioner
Price: £3.25/100g, £6.45/240g or  £10.60/450g
Contains: Fresh coconut decoction and Fresh coconut water hydrate, soften, condition and add a glossy shine to the hair; Fresh organic lemon juice tones scalp and add shine to the hair; Vetivert oil to scent the hair and sooth the scalp.
Verdict: Coolaulin is heavier than American Cream but lighter than Retread in my opinion. It’s awesome for dry, unruly, processed or curly hair that’s in need of some serious moisture injection. It has a lovely tropical coconut scent with smoky notes from the vetivert. It deeply moisturises and hydrates the hair leaving it beautifully shiny and more manageable and soothes dry/irritated scalps. Again the scent lasts all day in the hair. I use this product with Trichomania and Curly Wurly for coconut heaven and serious locked in moisture. It also goes well with fruity Rehab. So sad this one is being discontinued, even though I don’t use it as often as American Cream.

LUSH review- Products for coloured/dry/heatdamged hair- Part 3

I use Jasmine and Henna Fluff ease every 2-3 weeks and R&B once every 6 weeks. 
1. Jasmin and Henna Fluff Ease
(see separate review for details)

2. R&B Hair Moisturiser
Product category: Hair Treatment
Price: £9.95/ 100g
Contains: Oat milk soothes dry, sensitive scalps; Organic avocado butter adds strength to dry brittle hair; Fair for life olive oil softens and conditions dry or frizzy hair; Extra virgin coconut oil moisturises and softens the hair; Organic cold pressed jojoba oil conditions the hair adds shine and increases manageability; Bay oil promotes health hair growth; Orange blossom and Jasmine absolute to beautifully scent the hair; Cupuacu butter protects and conditions the hair and adds shine and Candelilla wax to prevent moisture loss and protect the hair.
How to use: R&B can be used in three ways
1. Use as a leave in finishing treatment. Take a tiny amount of the product (less than a penny size for shoulder length hair) and apply to the ends (and a little on the mid lengths if you wish) of wet or dry hair, to tame frizz and flyaway’s while softening and conditioning the hair.
2. Use as a prewash hair treatment for damaged or very dry hair. If using it this way you will need to use more product (about a tablespoonful for shoulder length hair). Run the product through the hair using your fingers, until it is distributed evenly.  Your hair will feel quite oily. Leave in for 20-30 mins and then shampoo and condition as usual.
3. Use as a scalp treatment (the oat milk is great for calming sore/irritated scalps). Use it in the same way as for a pre-wash treatment but concentrate on massaging it into your scalp. Leave for 20-30mins, then shampoo and condition as usual.
Verdict: I’ve only used this product as a finishing treatment and a prewash treatment. R&B has a fantastic strong tropical scent with a hint of floral from the orange blossom and jasmine, which really lasts in the hair. Admittedly it took we a while to get the amount of product to use as a finishing treatment right, though once I did I have been more than impressed with the results.  Used in this way on wet or dry hair it really protects the hair when drying and straightening and adds a lovely shine to the hair and definition to layers while softening and conditioning. It also tames frizz and flyaways (used on dry hair).
Used as a pre wash treatment it is much heavier than Jasmine and Henna Fluff ease thus adding more weight to the hair. Because if this I only use R&B once every six weeks, usually just after colouring, or if my hair is feeling particularly parched. It intensely and deeply moisturises the hair, leaving it beautifully scented, soft, shiny and easier to manage. I need very little (sometimes no) conditioner after shampooing this product out. A great one for seriously dry/course and unruly hair, or those who just want to give their hair a deeply conditioning treat (just use less often).

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

LUSH review - Big

Review requested by Lindsay and Elodie
Price: £9.90/ 330g
Product category:  Hair care – Semi solid shampoo.
Description: ‘For for more body than you thought possible’ (LUSH).  Big is one of LUSH’s semi solid shampoos. It is translucent in colour has a gel like texture with huge chunks of sea salt (50% sea salt to be precise). Big has a lovely fresh invigorating scent with a hint of citrus coming through.
The main ingredients are toothed wrack seaweed infusion (full of vitamins and minerals that strengthen and soften the hair); sea salt and sea water (volumizes while adding shine) and lime juice and fresh organic lemon infusion (deeply cleanse hair and add shine). Also contains extra virgin coconut oil; neroli oil; mandarin oil; vanilla absolute and orange blossom absolute.
This product is formulated especially for people who want to inject some volume and bounce into their lifeless hair.
How to use: Take a small amount of the product (a little goes a long way). Massage into the scalp and hair and rinse thoroughly.  
The verdict: The first point I have to make is that Big DOES strip colour. So if you colour your hair like me you need to be aware of that. Having said that, I love the results and scent  so much that I still use this product on a now and then basis. The semi solid texture takes a bit of getting used to but once you get the hang of it you’ll love it. The sea salt gently exfoliates your scalp and really gives your hair a deep clean. Some people have commented that Big has dried their hair out, though I’ve certainly not had this problem. When I’ve used this product I’m left with gorgeously scented, soft, shiny and bouncy hair. It really injects some volume and texture into my usually a bit sad looking hair without stripping it of moisture and shine and the scent is so fresh and clean (kinda like mojito cocktails on the beach).
I usually follow with Veganese as it’s one of LUSH’s lighter conditioners, so it helps create that volumizing bouncy effect and its fresh sent compliments Big well. I’ve also found it goes well with American Cream, Coolaulin and Retread too, it all depends on the level of conditioner you prefer.
The best thing is my 330g tub is lasting me ages, as you only need a tiny amount for a fabulous lather and in shower experience, so it’s good value for money. If your hair is in need of some lift and bounce, while keeping it shiny and soft Big is for you!

Monday, 13 September 2010

My LUSH Skin Routine

Had a bit of fun with this on (mainly the unflattering pics lol). The idea came from Lindsay Joyce who was asking about my skin care routine, and then I just got carried away with the idea.

My skin type is difficult to describe but I guess it falls into combination (slightly oily t zone, with some occasional dry patches). I’m also prone to hormonal and medication (side effects) breakouts. Since following this skin care routine using LUSH products, my skin has never looked or felt better. The only non LUSH product I use is Benefit Eye Con (works wonders for dark circles, bags and fine lines).


Step 1. Angels on Bare Skin (cleanser) £5.50/ 100g.

Contains: Rose absolute (improves skin’s appearance), lavender oil (soothing on the skin), ground almonds (gently exfoliating, removing dirt and dead skin), Kaolin (mild cleansing ingredient) and Chamomile blue oil (antiseptic, anti inflammatory and soothing properties). Leaves my skin beautifully cleansed smooth, soft and supple. Also evens skin tone.

How to use: Splash water on face; take a pea sized amount of product and mix with a little water to make a paste; apply to face gently massaging into skin; rinse well and pat dry.

Step 2. Eau Roma Water (toner) £6.35/ 250g or £3.25/ 100g

Contains: Rose water (helps skin retain its moisture and evens skin tone) and lavender water (gently sooths skin). Tones without drying leave skin cool, soft and supple. Also calms the skin, reducing redness.

How to use: Spay on to cotton pads and gently apply to face OR spay directly on to face to refresh skin.

Step 3. Imperialis (moisturiser) £10.75/ 45g

Contains: Lavender infusion (balances sebum production and sooths); orange flower water and tiger lily (tone skin) and St John’s wart (calms irritations, soothing and conditioning). Calms irritation/redness, moisturises dry patches while balancing t zone. Sinks in well and makes a good base for makeup.

Step 1. 9-5 (cleanser) £7.95/ 240g or £3.95/100g

Contains: Dove orchid extract and everlasting flower absolute (calm, soothe and thoroughly cleanses skin) and almond oil (smoothes and softens skin). Lovely fresh scent, awesome for removing make up, feels gentle on the skin and eye area. Leaves skin soft, supple and delicately scented.

How to use: Apply to cotton pads and gently wipe over face and neck. Remove residue with warm water or toner if desired.

Step 2. Saving Face (serum)£7.50/20g

Contains: Lime and grapefruit oils (balance sebum, refresh and tone skin); illipe and shea butters (moisturise and soften skin/improves tone). Enhances the effect of your moisturiser/face mask when used underneath. Leaves skin beautifully moisturised, supple and matt.

How to use: Warm product in hands, apply to hands then face or directly on face and massage product into skin well.

Step 3. Celestial (moisturiser) £10.25/ 45g

Contains: Almond milk (calming and deeply moisturising); vanilla water (soothing/ helps skin retain moisture/reduces redness and irritation); cocoa butter (softens, smoothes, nourishes and tones) and dove orchid extract (calms/ soothes). Leaves skin deeply moisturised, soft and supple (takes longer to sink in though).

NOTE: I only use a different cream at night because I love both Imperialis and Celestial. However if you use the Saving Face under your usual day cream, it will enhance its effects making it a lovely night treatment, without having to buy a separate cream. I’m just so darn indecisive lol.

Also once a week I replace Angels on Bare Skin with Dark Angels (£5.50/100g) for a deep cleansing treatment. WARNING: This is a hardcore cleanser so apply gently.

Contains: Powdered charcoal (exfoliates/ absorbs oils), rhassoul mud (cleanses), black sugar (abrasive exfoliant), avocado oil (softens) and glycerine (locks in moisture).

How to use: Same as AOBS. Recommended use: once a week for normal/combination skin; twice a week for oily skin.


Step 1. Fresh Farmacy (cleanser) £4.15/100g

Contains: Calamine powder (calms redness/ irritations); tea tree oil (antiseptic and antibacterial great for spots); lavender oil (calms and soothes); rose absolute (evens skin tone) and chamomile blue oil (antiseptic, anti inflammatory and soothing properties). Gently cleanses skin, leaves skin calmer and clearer.

How to use: Same as AOBS only break small amount off bar.

Step 2. Tea Tree Water (toner) £6.35/250g or £3.25/100g.

Contains: Tee tree water (antibacterial, antiseptic that tackles spots/blemishes) , juniper berry and grapefruit water (astringent and antiseptic qualities improve skin appearance and tackle acne and oily skin). Soothes and clears skin.

How to use: Same as Eau Roma.

Step 3. Vanishing Cream (moisturiser) £15.25/ 45g (or Imperialis)

Contains: Shea butter and linseed gel (deeply softening, improves tone and moisturises); camellia, grape seed and jojoba oils and which hazel (soothe and clear skin); lavender honey water (calms and lightly moisturises); neroli oil (improves tone and texture of skin) and geranium and lavender oils (soothe/balance skin). A lightweight moisturiser that soothes skin, calms breakouts and helps keep skin clear.

I will do a separate review for my favourite Fresh Face Masks :)

Sunday, 12 September 2010

LUSH review - Ginger Lotion

Requested by Kerry Dawes

Ginger Lotion

Price: £12.20 /225g

Product category: Hands and Body (retro).

Description: ‘Pink and feminine, but strong and confident at the same time’ (LUSH). A thick textured, off white coloured cream for the hands or body. The scent is beautiful and very unique, think less ginger bread men and more floral meets spice. Ylang ylang infusion and oil, mimosa absolute, rose oil, geranium oil and jasmine absolute bring the delicate floral notes to the lotion and ginger oil and infusion bring the spice. It also contains juniper berry oil which brings a subtle refreshing woody aroma.

Ginger has a warm spicy aroma that eliminates toxins, improves circulation, is good for muscle joint complaints, and has warming, astringent and antiseptic properties.

Ylang ylang has a sweet floral aroma and has uplifting properties. Mimosa has a sweet floral/woody aroma, with calming properties (good for reliving anxiety) and antiseptic and astringent properties for the skin. Rose is good for balancing the emotions and is good for all skin types though especially favoured for mature or rough, dry and irritated skin types. Geranium has a balancing effect on the skin. And finally jasmine absolute has a strong heady floral aroma and is beneficial for sensitive skin and muscular complaints. Jasmine is also used to treat depression or other stress related conditions and know for its aphrodisiac properties.

All of these beautiful ingredients are blended together with almond oil (emollient that leaves a silky feel to the skin) and cocoa butter (natural emulsifier that has softening, moisturising and conditioning properties leaving the skin soft and supple).

How to use: Apply to hands and/or body massaging into the skin well.

The verdict: The first point I have to make is that this scent will not be for everyone. You’ll either love it or hate it. Therefore I’d highly recommend asking for a sample before you buy a full tub. Also I’d recommend that you don’t make a judgement based on how it smells in the tub as it changes significantly as it settles on your skin into something so unique and beautiful. The ginger scent is quite dominant and overpowering in the tub and when you first apply the cream, but within minutes the scent settles on your skin and brings pretty notes of mimosa, rose and geranium with subtle notes of the ginger. The scent stays on the skin for most of the day too.

It’s a typical LUSH concoction that shouldn’t work but does. It’s become one of my favourite LUSH scents; it’s so beautiful and unique. As a cream it doesn’t disappoint, it leaves your skin silky soft and supple. It sinks into the skin quickly so it’s ideal to use if you’re in a hurry (no standing around waiting for it dry). Personally I feel that the scent stands alone and don’t feel the need to wear perfume with it. However if you do decide to wear perfume I’d advise that you choose carefully to prevent clashing scents. Ginger (gorilla perfumes) has the same scent (all be it stronger) as the lotion so would go nicely, and possibly Imogen Rose (LUSH or gorilla perfumes) to bring out the floral notes more.

I first received this as a sample and I’m now on my third tub. If your after something pretty and unique without losing its benefits as a cream, Ginger Lotion is for you.

Products with the same scent: Gingerman ballistic (retro) and Ginger perfume.

Friday, 10 September 2010

LUSH review - Crème Anglaise

Requested by Charlie Shaw

Crème Anglaise

Price: £25 /225g

Product category: Hands and Body.

Description: ‘Crème de la crème of body moisturisers’ (LUSH). A thick textured, golden coloured cream for the hands or body. The scent is beautiful and reminds me of cinder toffee with a hint of orange. It contains a luxurious blend of natural butters and oils blended into almond and saffron infusion. LUSH has gone all out on packing some of the finest ingredients available into Crème Anglaise, hence it being their seccond most expensive product.

These ingredients include:

Almond Infusion for its softening and nourishing properties and Saffron Infusion (the world’s most expensive spice btw) gives the cream its golden colour.

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil has moisturising and softening properties and brings a natural balance to the skin; Almond Oil has a high vitamin E content (antioxidant and anti aging properties) and leaves a silky feel on the skin; and finally Sweet Orange Oil which is known for its antiseptic and toning properties.

Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter have softening, moisturising and conditioning properties, leaving skin soft and supple. Shea butter also contains vitamin A and omega-9 which are known to help maintain healthy skin.

How to use: Apply to hands and/or body massaging into the skin well.

The verdict: Out of all of LUSH’s body moisturisers this is definitely the richest. A little goes a long way and it soaks into the skin well (no waiting around before you get dressed). It really does feel like you’re giving your skin a luxurious treat. It eaves my skin really soft, silky and supple and used over time my skin feels firmer and more toned. I’m also in love with the scent; it reminds me of sweet cinder toffee and lasts on the skin most of the day.

Ok so the question on everyone’s lips is, is it worth the £25 price tag??? Well I’ve never bought myself a tub, though I’ve been given one as a gift (lucky me). To be honest as beautiful as it is, in my current position I couldn’t justify spending £25 on a body cream. I think of all the LUSH goodies I could get with that £25 and end up walking away from it every time. In saying this I only have a tiny amount left and I’m very tempted to either use my 10% voucher towards another tub, or ask someone for it as gift, as it does give my skin amazing results every time.

The problem I have with this product is the use saffron. Other than giving the cream a beautiful golden colour, I’m not aware of it actually having any beneficial properties for the skin. I’ve researched this a little and haven’t found anything to suggest otherwise, other than it has been claimed to soften and lighten the skin. Therefore I don’t think this cream would lose any of its effects (with all its other beautiful ingredients), if LUSH left out the saffron, and it would certainly cut the price significantly. If anyone can provide some information to suggest otherwise please feel free to comment, and I’ll edit the post :) (I’m no expert) SEE NOTE BELLOW.

Anyway in saying all of this I believe that this is quite possibly the richest and most beautiful moisturiser I have ever used on my body. A beautifully scented, lovely luxurious treat and you won’t be disappointed with the results. If like me you struggle justifying the price, ask for it as a gift and use as a treat. Some people use it on their upper body only though with its toning effects I can’t help slapping some on my thighs and bum too.

"Saffron has also anti-bacterial properties on the skin. It's an antioxidant. It's very healthy for the skin. It also supposed to easen the pain"(Alexandra)

LUSH review - Trichomania

Requested by Charie Leech

Trichomania (Soon to be discontinued *sobs*

Price: £4.65/100g

Product category: Hair Care - Solid Shampoo

Description: ‘Creamed coconut to condition parched hair’ (LUSH). This is one of LUSH’s many solid shampoos and its creamy white in colour. The scent is very tropical smoky coconut. The main ingredients are creamed coconut which is deeply nourishing and moisturising for the hair and vetivert which is calming and soothing for the scalp and brings smoky notes to the scent. This shampoo is particularly formulated for dry/ processed hair or unruly curls.

How to use: Wet your hair; swipe the bar directly on your wet hair 2-3 times (a little goes a long way); massage the lather into your hair and scalp with your fingertips and rinse well. Apply conditioner if needed.

The verdict: I personally love LUSH’s solid shampoos. They’re great value for money lasting 50-80 washes, contain no packaging (so environmentally friendly) and are great for travelling (with the shampoo bar tins you can purchase).

I colour and straighten my hair so sometimes my hair feels a bit dry, frazzled and in need of some TLC. At times like this I reach for my bar of Trichomania, as it’s the most hydrating and deeply conditioning shampoo I have used. It lathers beautifully and I only need very little conditioner when I have used it. The coconut leaves your hair beautifully scented and really softens and deeply conditions your locks. If I decide to leave my hair curly it helps to define the curls and conquer the frizz. It also goes with most of LUSH’s conditioners (bonus). I tend to use a little bit of Coolaulin (for extra coconutty heaven), Retread or Jungle (fruity tropical scents that go well) or American Cream on my ends. I’m always very impressed with the results; I’m left with beautifully scented silky soft, smooth and shiny hair. The best thing is I get lots of compliments on how great my hair looks, when I’ve used this product (always a good thing).

Those with normal hair would need little or no conditioner and I wouldn’t recommend this one for greasier hair types as it’s would be too heavy and moisturising.

You may also like: Quinquereme Of Nineveh (retro soap); Creamed Almond and Coconut Smootie; Coolaulin (conditioner); Curly Wurly (semi solid shampoo).

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Thought of the Day

Don't rely on someone else for your happiness and self worth. Only you can be responsible for that. If you can't love and respect yourself - no one else will be able to make that happen. Accept who you are - completely; the good and the bad - and make changes as YOU see fit - not because you think someone else wants you to be different.

~ Stacey Carter 

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

LUSH Bath Cocktail - 'Mon Petit Cherie'

My first attempt at videoing one of my recent LUSH bath cocktails. Apologies for it being a little rushed, I would have liked to have gone into more detail about the products, but was finding it difficult to sit and film it due to my pain :(

Anyway just in case I missed anything the products used were:
Keep it Fluffy ballistic (purple)
1/2 Two Timing Tart bubble bar (retro)
1/3 Something Wicked this Way bath melt

Washed with B Cocktail soap (you could also use Vanilla in the Midst or Joy of Jelly shower jelly)
Finished with Fever massage bar (Vanilla Dee-Lite would also go well) and Cocktail perfume (available from
Washed hair with Godiva solid shampoo and American Cream conditioner.

My camera really didn't do justice to the beautiful colour the water went (deep purpley pink with white foam on the surface). The water was like silk and the scent was out of this world beautiful!

Hope you enjoy and as always please leave comments and questions under the post!

LUSH review - Ego


Price: £7.50

Product category: Massage Bar (retro)

Description: ‘Blend of natural, moisturising oils and stimulating herbs’ (LUSH). This is a large tablet shaped massage bar with Ego imprinted on the face. It is creamy white in colour. Ego is much larger than LUSH’s other massage bars so in my opinion is worth the extra pennies. Nothing is mentioned on the website about how relaxing and sleep inducing this scent is, which is rather surprising to me.

It’s a herby, lavender and hint of sweet lemon unisex scent, so is ideal to have as a massage bar you can both enjoy. It contains lavender, tarragon and rosemary oils which bring a herby/woody scent to the massage bar and the cocoa and shea butter which bring comforting notes. Rosemary is known for its antiseptic and antimicrobial properties for the skin and is great for joint/muscle pain and for relieving stress and fatigue; lavender is also great for skin complaints and is well known for its relaxing and sleep inducing properties; tarragon is good for joint and muscle pain, digestive complaints and menstrual pain.

Looking at the ingredients it’s clear to see how carefully LUSH have chosen the ingredients to create a massage bar that brings both aromatherapy and skin conditioning properties.

How to use: You can use this in two ways. If you have a partner (unlike me *sobs*) get them to give you a lovely relaxing massage and return the favour. Heat the product up in your hands then use the whole product over the body and work the oils into the skin with your hands as you would a normal massage. You can also use this as an intensive moisturiser. Warm the massage bar as previous and either apply the product using the bar directly on the skin, or apply product to the hands and work the product into your skin that way.

The verdict: This massage bar is seriously relaxing. The blend of oils really do feel therapeutic for both the mind and the body. I find it really helps with aches and pains and it certainly aids a restful night’s sleep. I tend to use this as a intensive night time moisturiser, as 1 I don’t have a partner to give me a massage :( and 2 I have to be very careful with my back still. I would recommend that if your using it in this way, you do it before you get into bed. The product leaves an oily residue on your skin due to the beautiful essential oils, and it takes a while to sink into the skin. The cocoa and shea butters really moisturise and tone your skin too. When you wake up in the morning you’ll have beautifully scented skin that feels silky and supple. Your bed sheets will also smell great (bonus!).

If you’re using it as a massage bar, the positive is that you’ll find it a lot less messy and faffy than using oils. This massage bar is too big to store in the massage bar tins that LUSH sell so I store mine in a tupperweare tub away from direct heat (otherwise it will melt).

The bar itself seems to last for ages, as a little goes a long way, so you definitely get value for money. Great for winding down at the end of a busy day, relieving stress, soothing aches and pains, and helping you drift into a restful sleep.

Use with; Dreamtime temple balm/ bath melt, Twilight, Waving not Drowning, Playdoze or French Kiss for the ultimate bedtime relaxation.

Top Tip: When you get towards the end of the bar and are finding it difficult to use. Chop it up and use as a softening bath melt.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

LUSH review -Schnuggle


Price: £7.50

Product category: Body Butter (retro)

Description: ‘Sleep inducing body butter for bedtime’ (LUSH). This is about the same size as The Soft Touch, Buffy and Running to the Embassy and is white in colour. The sent is so relaxing and comforting. Think lavender, sandalwood, ginger and chamomile with a very subtle hint of jasmine. This product contains absorbent powders and cocoa butter, which is designed to superbly moisturise your skin without it feeling greasy. Ok so for the ingredients; kaolin cleanses and exfoliates the skin; lavender is great for skin complaints and of course for relaxing the mind and inducing sleep; sandalwood sooths and softens the skin and is known for its antidepressant, astringent and antiseptic properties; jasmine is great for muscular and skin complaints and stress related illnesses and finally chamomile has calming and soothing properties for both the skin and the mind.

How to use: This product is design for use in both the shower and bath. The best way I’ve found to use this is on wet/damp skin. Make sure you don’t submerge the bar as it will melt very quickly. I’ve found it best to either step out from under the shower, or stand up in the bath and rub the bar all over your wet skin. Rinse if you wish then dry off. I wouldn’t recommend using this on dry skin, as it doesn’t glide as other body butters do due to the absorbent powders, and drags on the skin.

The verdict: This is by far my favourite relaxing treat. It leaves your skin beautifully soft and silky and it really does relax and comfort you. This certainly helps me get off to sleep at night so I’d recommend using this just before bed. You’ll be left feeling like someone’s has wrapped their arms around you and given you the best schnuggle ever. A must have product for everyone after a long day at work, stress, hectic life styles and insomniacs.

Use with; Dreamtime temple balm/ bath melt, Twilight, Waving not Drowning, Comforter (strange but works), Playdoze or French Kiss for the ultimate bedtime relaxation.

LUSH review- Jasmin and Henna Fluff Ease

Jasmin and Henna Fluff Ease

Price: £10.35

Product category: Hair care.

Description: ‘Jasmine scented, supremely calming hair moisturiser’ (LUSH). It’s a very light and creamy texture. The scent probably isn’t to everyone’s taste but I’m a sucker for all things Jasmine! As you’ve probably guessed the leading lady in this product is Jasmine and thankfully for me, I can hardly detect the henna scent (if anything there’s a very subtle ‘earthy’ undertone). Here’s the best bit, It’s packed full of nourishing and conditioning oils including; organic extra virgin olive, ylang ylang, wheatgerm, jojoba, almond, brazil nut, extra virgin coconut, hemp, soya, and castor, which bring really soothing notes to the scent.

The product is packed full of carefully chosen ingredients that claim to calm and condition, dry, fluffy and frizzy hair.

How to use: I’ve used this two ways. For both applications, I applied to dry hair and combed through. Then I got into a lovely LUSH bath and left on for about 20mins (the steam helps activate the ingredients). After my bath I shampooed out with my Seanik shampoo bar and a tiny amount of Forever in Boom conditioner on the ends (not sure I really needed Conditioner). The second time I used the product I left it on overnight then shampooed out and conditioned as previous.

The verdict: My hair has seriously never felt and looked so good. It’s beautifully scented, soft, shiny and bouncy. It doesn’t feel weighed down at all, yet felt really deeply conditioned. Out of the two ways I’ve applied it the effects were the same, the only difference was that the scent lasted longer in my hair when I left it in overnight. Either way you’ll find that the scent lasts in your hair for around 3-6 washes later.

The best bit is I could easily get 4 or more generous applications from this tub for my mid length hair which works out at around £2.59 a treatment. To me that’s outstanding value. I’ll be using this 1-2 times a month to keep my hair in tip top condition. Much better than anything else I’ve tried on the market. So if you like Jasmine and your hair needs some TLC, go and gab yourself a tub of Jasmine and Henna Fluff Ease.

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