Monday, 13 September 2010

My LUSH Skin Routine

Had a bit of fun with this on (mainly the unflattering pics lol). The idea came from Lindsay Joyce who was asking about my skin care routine, and then I just got carried away with the idea.

My skin type is difficult to describe but I guess it falls into combination (slightly oily t zone, with some occasional dry patches). I’m also prone to hormonal and medication (side effects) breakouts. Since following this skin care routine using LUSH products, my skin has never looked or felt better. The only non LUSH product I use is Benefit Eye Con (works wonders for dark circles, bags and fine lines).


Step 1. Angels on Bare Skin (cleanser) £5.50/ 100g.

Contains: Rose absolute (improves skin’s appearance), lavender oil (soothing on the skin), ground almonds (gently exfoliating, removing dirt and dead skin), Kaolin (mild cleansing ingredient) and Chamomile blue oil (antiseptic, anti inflammatory and soothing properties). Leaves my skin beautifully cleansed smooth, soft and supple. Also evens skin tone.

How to use: Splash water on face; take a pea sized amount of product and mix with a little water to make a paste; apply to face gently massaging into skin; rinse well and pat dry.

Step 2. Eau Roma Water (toner) £6.35/ 250g or £3.25/ 100g

Contains: Rose water (helps skin retain its moisture and evens skin tone) and lavender water (gently sooths skin). Tones without drying leave skin cool, soft and supple. Also calms the skin, reducing redness.

How to use: Spay on to cotton pads and gently apply to face OR spay directly on to face to refresh skin.

Step 3. Imperialis (moisturiser) £10.75/ 45g

Contains: Lavender infusion (balances sebum production and sooths); orange flower water and tiger lily (tone skin) and St John’s wart (calms irritations, soothing and conditioning). Calms irritation/redness, moisturises dry patches while balancing t zone. Sinks in well and makes a good base for makeup.

Step 1. 9-5 (cleanser) £7.95/ 240g or £3.95/100g

Contains: Dove orchid extract and everlasting flower absolute (calm, soothe and thoroughly cleanses skin) and almond oil (smoothes and softens skin). Lovely fresh scent, awesome for removing make up, feels gentle on the skin and eye area. Leaves skin soft, supple and delicately scented.

How to use: Apply to cotton pads and gently wipe over face and neck. Remove residue with warm water or toner if desired.

Step 2. Saving Face (serum)£7.50/20g

Contains: Lime and grapefruit oils (balance sebum, refresh and tone skin); illipe and shea butters (moisturise and soften skin/improves tone). Enhances the effect of your moisturiser/face mask when used underneath. Leaves skin beautifully moisturised, supple and matt.

How to use: Warm product in hands, apply to hands then face or directly on face and massage product into skin well.

Step 3. Celestial (moisturiser) £10.25/ 45g

Contains: Almond milk (calming and deeply moisturising); vanilla water (soothing/ helps skin retain moisture/reduces redness and irritation); cocoa butter (softens, smoothes, nourishes and tones) and dove orchid extract (calms/ soothes). Leaves skin deeply moisturised, soft and supple (takes longer to sink in though).

NOTE: I only use a different cream at night because I love both Imperialis and Celestial. However if you use the Saving Face under your usual day cream, it will enhance its effects making it a lovely night treatment, without having to buy a separate cream. I’m just so darn indecisive lol.

Also once a week I replace Angels on Bare Skin with Dark Angels (£5.50/100g) for a deep cleansing treatment. WARNING: This is a hardcore cleanser so apply gently.

Contains: Powdered charcoal (exfoliates/ absorbs oils), rhassoul mud (cleanses), black sugar (abrasive exfoliant), avocado oil (softens) and glycerine (locks in moisture).

How to use: Same as AOBS. Recommended use: once a week for normal/combination skin; twice a week for oily skin.


Step 1. Fresh Farmacy (cleanser) £4.15/100g

Contains: Calamine powder (calms redness/ irritations); tea tree oil (antiseptic and antibacterial great for spots); lavender oil (calms and soothes); rose absolute (evens skin tone) and chamomile blue oil (antiseptic, anti inflammatory and soothing properties). Gently cleanses skin, leaves skin calmer and clearer.

How to use: Same as AOBS only break small amount off bar.

Step 2. Tea Tree Water (toner) £6.35/250g or £3.25/100g.

Contains: Tee tree water (antibacterial, antiseptic that tackles spots/blemishes) , juniper berry and grapefruit water (astringent and antiseptic qualities improve skin appearance and tackle acne and oily skin). Soothes and clears skin.

How to use: Same as Eau Roma.

Step 3. Vanishing Cream (moisturiser) £15.25/ 45g (or Imperialis)

Contains: Shea butter and linseed gel (deeply softening, improves tone and moisturises); camellia, grape seed and jojoba oils and which hazel (soothe and clear skin); lavender honey water (calms and lightly moisturises); neroli oil (improves tone and texture of skin) and geranium and lavender oils (soothe/balance skin). A lightweight moisturiser that soothes skin, calms breakouts and helps keep skin clear.

I will do a separate review for my favourite Fresh Face Masks :)


  1. Thanks for the post, I have very similar skin to yours, and I have major problems with break outs lately. My skin routine is the same is your but I do not use AOBS (however I ordered one last week it should arrive soon) I use Skin Drink and Full of Grace as moisturizer and Face Serum, do you think it could be too heavy/oily? Do you feel that your face is well moisturized after Imperialis? Sorry for a huge comment and thanks XD

  2. Hi Alexandra,
    I find Full of Grace and Skin Drink too heavy for my skin personally. Imperialis is great for me because it helps control my oily t zone while moisturising my dry bits. I also use Celisial which is a little heavier at night over my Saving Face. I would suggest only using your serum under your moisturiser at night as its probably too heavy for your skin to use in the morning as well? Maybe give Saving Face a try as its lighter than FG, and ask for a sample of Imperialis and Celestial. Its trial and error sometimes. Hope this helps hun xx

  3. I only use FG at night.
    I tryed both Imperialis and Celestial, I wasn't sure about Imperialis, but going to give it one more shot, while Celestial completely blocked my pores which is weird as it supposed to suit sensitive skin, maybe bad batch..??
    Thanks a lot I am going to place an order right now. (one more reason to place an order lol)

  4. Imperialis isn't a really intensive moisturiser, thats why i use it. It's not too heavy or too light, just right for me :) Like i say unfortunately it's a case of trial and error, until you find something that suits you xx

  5. Sarah, can Saving Face be used as a daily base cream?
    or is it only used as evening treat?
    this review is awesome!! :)
    I lOOOOVe it and this is very interesting! :)
    I'll try with AOBS and Saving Face !! xxx

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Hi Elodie
    Thanks for the feedback, i'm glad you enjoy my reviews :) You can use Saving Face on it's own (as a moisturiser) or under a moisturiser or Fresh Face Mask (will enhance the effects). I use mine under my moisturiser in the evening for a more intensive treatment over night. I dont use it in this way in the mornings as i don't feel my skin needs it (might be too heavy for me). Also when first applied it feels a bit greasy though one it sinks in (takes a while) it's really mattifying. Therefore i don't know how it would be as a make up base. Hope this helps xx

  8. Hey Sarah loved the whole blog amazing,very informative reviews :)) keep up the good work xx

  9. Hi Sarah,

    Thanks for this review. At the moment I have a very basic skin routine which mainly includes moisturising.. So last week when I went into Lush to buy a few things, I was given some free samples (Herbalism, Breath of Fresh Air, Vanishing Cream and Imperialism.) I've been trying them out and love the way my skin feels, however I can't stand the smell of Herbalism..

    What would you recommend to someone like me as a starting point? I think I have similar skin to yours oily t-zone/some dry patches and I'm prone to break outs occasionally. I want to test the water but don't know where to start.

    Are the moisturisers okay under make up?

    Sorry for the long post! I love your blog by the way - it's great. :)


  10. @RebelAtHeart
    I'd say Angels on Bare Skin ould suit you skin better than Herbalism which is for oilier skin types. Breath of Fresh air OR Eau Roma Water are great for our skin types (but i prefer Eau Roma). Angles on bare skin evens the skin tone and softens while Eau Roma tones without drying and contains soothing lavender and rose.
    As for moisturisers it's really trial and error finding what suits you best, but Imperialis is a good place to start. It's not too heavy or too light and makes a great base for make up. Some of lush's moisturisers are quite heavy and take a while to sink in. Vanishing cream is the lightest moisturiser at is doesnt contain cocoa butter, and its great for those breakout times.
    When you do have breakouts swap your AOBS for Fresh Farmcy if you feel you need a bit of extra help.
    Basically any of the products i mentioned i use would suit you. Maybe ask for a smaple of a few and see which you like best.
    Hope this helps

  11. Hi sarah.. i think i ruined my skin with dark angels as i was on placement and got paranoid about dirty n spores n stuff lol... now i have very very sensitive skin... i use fresh pharmacy, aqua marina, celestrial, and use 'simple' (the brand) eye make up remover. I have purchased this week angels on bare skin and queen of hearts soap for ur face from retro.. and tips on using these two =) all the best aimee ... hopefully will have a new blog post up showing my collecting in the next 2 hours.. even tho i shud b doin some revision ... ekkk !! xxx

  12. @Aimee i've described the best way of using AOBS in the post above :) I think you'll really get on with it as its really gentle but deeply cleanses. I use Dark Angels less than once a week for a deep exfoliation but it is a harsh cleanser. Not tried Queen of Hearts so would love a review from you for that one ;)


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