Friday, 24 December 2010

Cinders Ballistic

On the twelfth week of Christmas my LUSH limited gave to me......
12 Cinders Ballistics,
11 Gingerbread Houses,
10 Sacred Truths,
9 Snowcake soaps,
8 Buffy body butters,
7 Sonic Death Monkeys, 
6 Bearded Ladies,
4 Ghost shower gels,
3 Hottie bars,
2 Halloween specials,
and a Snow Fairy lip and cheek tint!

Price: £1.95/90g.
Product category: Ballistic
Contains: Coarse Sea Salt stimulate, cleanse, soften and hydrate the skin; Fizzy Candy for the crackling ambers on the fire effect; Gardenia Extract for its exotic scent and it’s beautiful Mediterranean sunset colour; Almond Essential Oil to give a warm, comforting almond scent. Almonds have a high vitamin E content, protect the skin and leaves it silky soft and smooth; Sweet Orange Oil for its antiseptic and toning properties and uplifting fragrance; Cinnamon Leaf Oil for its warming, spicy aroma,  great for warming the body on cold winter nights.
Other Interesting facts:
·  Almond essential oil comes from processing the kernels of bitter almonds and apricots
·  Sweet orange oil is generally used to lift the mood and as a cheery scent for dark winter days.
·  Orange blossoms have been are highly symbolic in many countries. Traditionally brides wore orange blossoms to symbolise fertility. The scent of orange blossoms many also have been used for calming wedding nerves.
·  Cinnamon leaf oil is used to fight feelings of depression, weakness and exhaustion, so it’s great for those winter blues and winding down after the Christmas rush.
·  Course sea salt is packed full of minerals which maintain the water balance essential for healthy skin.
How to use:
To get the full effects of your ballistic (unless you’re cocktailing);
·  Run your bath fully and climb in.
·  Then drop the ballistic into the bath
·  Lay back and enjoy the magic, inhaling the beautiful oils and fragrances dispersed by the ballistic.
NOTE: If your cocktailing this ballistic, remember it contains sea salt which will affect the amount of bubbles created by a bubble bar.
I had a hard time deciding which product I’d review for my final Christmas countdown theme, but finally settled on the lovely Cinders. An absolutely divine product to use Christmas Eve, to wind down after all of the Christmas hustle and bustle and relax before the big day itself. Cinders is another product I was really happy to see make a return this year. Not only is it lovely just as it is, it also cocktails well with so many of this year’s Christmas products.
Cinders is one of the smaller ballistics which is certainly reflected with the price tag. It’s beautiful golden yellow in colour, with a patch of red salt crystals on the top. LUSH describe Cinders as ‘Feisty, Fiery Spice Ballistic’, and have obviously spent some time and effort in the design to reflect this fiery theme.
Cinders’ scent is truly Christmassy. The fresh scent of sweet orange oil really lifts the mood, while the cinnamon relaxes and de stresses and gives you that lovely warm, comforting feeling. In the water the true magic happens adding to the warming, comforting experience. When Cinders hits the water it disperses it’s warm golden yellow colour around the tub, with the red combining with it in swirls to give the overall water a fire like effect. When the colours mix the water turns a warm orangey colour. As the ballistic is fizzing away the fizzing candy crackles like an open log fire.  The overall bathing experience with cinders is mesmerising and relaxing.
To see Cinders in action in the water take a look at my Winter Warmer Cocktail video . Skip to 11mins 58sec to just view Cinders :)
Following your bath you’ll feel like all the stresses of Christmas shopping, wrapping and general rushing around will have been washes away. Cinders leaves you so warm and cosy and ready for a good night’s sleep before Santa arrives the next day ;) I great product for Christmas Eve!
Merry Christmas everyone!

Cocktails well with: Glogg shower gel; Christmas Kisses bubble bar; New Shampoo Bar; Gingerbread House; Bearded Lady; Snowcake soap; Wiccy Magic Muscles; Once a Year massage bar; Bob Soap; Hot Toddy bubble bar.


  1. Well done for getting all tweleve done before Christmas Sarah!
    Good choice for the last review, Cinders is great and I agree the way it crackles is mesmerising. I don't have any left or I would have been tempted to chuck one in my bath tonight :-)
    Hope you have a fantasic Christmas lovely xxxx

  2. krasa!


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