Friday, 17 December 2010

Q&A- Melissa

Q. I actually have a question about Catastrophe Cosmetic, since you mentioned that you use it for hormonal breakouts. My skin type is odd, I have dry skin with breakouts. A bit tricky, since many of the good products for spots are formulated for oily skin. So my question is whether Catastrophe Cosmetic is drying at all? I'm interested in trying it (for breakouts), but I don't want to use something that will dry my skin out a lot! It doesn't need to be super moisturizing, as long as it doesn't make my skin more dry. Anyway, just wanted to see what you think! Thanks for your help!

A. I understand your predicament  Melissa with regards to your skin care. I too have quite complicated skin and don’t want to use something that strips my skin too much that the dry bits get dryer, but I want something that will help clear my skin.
First of all what I can tell you is stay well clear of Cupcake, as this product is designed for oily acne prone skin types. As for Catastrophe Cosmetic, I don’t find it drying at all. It soothes and calms my spots, while leaving my skin softened and smooth. It does contain Calamine powder which is absorbent, but certainly doesn’t dry. From what I remember Cosmic Warrior is slightly more softening (though the scent isn’t great), and still works great on spots. In saying that what works for me (or anyone else to that matter), may not work for you.  We all have very individual skin needs which, react and behave differently to different products even if our skin types are similar.  
Some people feel put off by the tightening effects these 2 masks have, as they think its drying their skin. However, this is simply down to the pores being deeply cleansed and closing and isn’t anything to worry about. It’s also important to remember that your skin may appear worse to start with as the mask draws out all the impurities in the skin, before it will clear.  Some people believe some masks have made their skin worse, but it’s just the skins way of clearing itself up. There is no such magic product that will just make your spots vanish straight away, just products that will calm the skin and draw out the impurities.
Another very important thing to remember is that, as a general rule of thumb you should only use a face mask 1-3 times a week. Once a week for dryer skin types, twice for combo, three times for oilier skin types. Any more than this can have an adverse effect on your skin as it will strip too much of the skins natural oil production (which is actually good for your skin), causing it to over produce oil more than what is normal. Some people panic that as this products have a short shelf life, that they have to use them up quickly, therefore using them far too often. However even if you only use once a week, you’ll get at least 5 treatments out of the pot for less than £1 each.

I’d also highly recommend that you don’t dismiss some of LUSH’s other fresh face masks that don’t have ‘spot fighting’ claims to them. Many of the fresh face masks contain great ingredients that have antibacterial, antiseptic, antioxidant properties for the skin (such as honey), which will help clear your skin, while moisturising at the same time. BB Seaweed is a great all rounder that is pretty uneatable in my opinion.
My best piece of advice would be to pop into your local LUSH store and speak to the staff. Explain your skin type and needs in as much detail possible and tell them what you want from the mask. They’ll be able to advise you on the best product for you. I’m sorry this is a bit vague but without seeing your skin, and knowing its specific needs it’s difficult to say ‘this one is for you’.  Quite often it’s just trial and error. What I would highly recommend is that if you don’t have joy with one you have bought, say for example Catastrophe Cosmetic, don’t throw it away. Try using it just over the affected area rather than all over the face.
Remember a great skin care routine is essential too in keeping the skin clear. Make sure you cleanse, tone and moisturise regularly as well as using a face mask. I cleanse, tone and moisturise in the morning then sometimes cut out the toner in the evenings and just cleanse and moisturise.  Eau Roma is the best toner for dryer/combo skin types and I’d also highly recommend Angles on Bare Skin as a cleanser or 9-5 (if you want a lotion like cleanser). You can find mini reviews of these products in my Skin Care Routine post
Please let me know how you get on :)


  1. Wow, thank you so much for this! That was so nice of you to give such a detailed response. I really appreciate your help! :)

  2. You're more than welcome Melissa. I hope you find something that suits you skin, and please come back and let me know how you have got on :) Good luck x


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